This 4-5 hour hike between Isinlivi and Chugchilan has a bit of everything – gorgeous views, green valleys, and the beautiful Toachi river! The trail that leads down into the canyon has several great viewpoints for excellent photo opportunities, and it’s possible to make a short detour to the Toachi Plateau for a magnificent view over the valley. You will be surrounded by bromelias, orchids and butterflies in the valley. The sound of the rapid river will relax your senses – a great spot for a lunch break.

  • This trail is part of the official village-to-village trekking, but can easily be organized from Isinlivi or Chugchilan with one day transport.
  • Ask you accommodation for hiking instructions and possible transport costs.


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19 November, 2019

Zumbahua Market

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19 November, 2019

Saquisili Market

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19 November, 2019

Jacuzzi & Sauna

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