How to stay safe on your adventure

The Quilotoa Loop is probably one of the safest areas in Ecuador! People in the area are often very poor, but will not steal. Some villages have a police station, and in the more remote villages crime is often dealt with by community justice.

Most robberies don’t occur during hikes through the mountains where people live modestly but are very calm and would not even think about doing you harm or rob you!

Most robberies occur at the bus stations in Quito or Latacunga, or while sitting on the bus to Quilotoa, Sigchos or Isinlivi. Do not store your luggage at the below compartments, as the bus can easily stop and your backpack can be taken out along the way. It is best to keep your luggage close to you on the bus and keep an eye on it.

Keep your passport and some money close to you – this way, if you are being robbed you’ll be able to quickly get back to the city.

Many tourists hike the mountains by themselves all alone, but we highly recommend to always hike with a travel partner when possible – this way, if you get lost, or in case of an accident, there is someone to get help quickly.

Do not approach cows and horses, as they can sometimes be aggressive, especially when they have babies.


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