According to local stories, Quilotoa is “the lake of the God of duality” – the God of eruptions that take away all that is in its way and the God of depths. The Crater Lake will literally take your breath away! It’s just a half an hour hike down from the viewpoint to get to the lake side and 1 hour hike back up the 280 meter vertical ascent. It is possible to rent a horse to get back up. At the lake shore you can rent a canoe to explore the lake and its fumaroles. Another option is to take the 4 to 6 hour hike all around the crater rim. The village of Quilotoa is also culturally very interesting and an important center for handicrafts.

  • On Saturday this tour is combined with a visit to the Zumbahua indigenous market.
  • You can visit Quilotoa on a day trip from Isinlivi, Sigchos or Chugchilan. Many people also come for a daytrip to Quilotoa from Quito.
  • Ask your accommodation for advice and prices for transportation.


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