Internet & Phone

Disconnect on the Quilotoa Loop!

Internet & phone on the Quilotoa Loop can be very unreliable and it’s best to inform family and friends that you are heading to an area with difficult connections for a couple of days to not make them worried.

In the village of Isinlivi the Claro phone service works, and in Chugchilan and Quilotoa it is Movistar service works better. On the hiking trails you will likely have no phone connection.

Some lodges will offer WIFI, but it is likely not a service they can 100% guarantee – when connections break down, it can take days or sometimes weeks for the phone company to come and fix the problem. Electricity cuts are also very common on the Quilotoa Loop, but your lodge will always be prepared and provide candles in case this happens in the evening.

The best approach is to leave your Internet & Phone addiction behind and fully enjoy a few days to be completely disconnected! You’ll see what a relief that is!


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