A great day of exhilarating adventure through the amazingly beautiful and rough landscapes of the Andes! You will start biking downhill until you cross a small bridge from where the road takes you through the mountains with gradual ascends and some fairly straight roads. Pedal across the Andes, traversing the green valleys and slopes, and greet the friendly locals along the way until you reach the charming village of Guantualo. We will then turn into a different road where we slightly descend on the other side of the mountain chain with the Quilotoa crater rim at the far distance until we reach the indigenous village of El Salado. Here we will take a short hike to the Tilinte Lake where we will enjoy a tasty boxed lunch before making our way back to Isinlivi. If you ride a bike regularly and have a reasonable level of general fitness, then this ride is for you. Previous bike experience is recommended.

  • This trip is currently organized by Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge in Isinlivi.
  • Intermediate level – the car will stay behind you at all times.
  • Best to book in advance!


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