A mysterious and highly adventurous hiking trip! Your tour guide will pick you up with his 4×4 for a spectacular ride through the Andes to get to Cerro Azul. From here we continue on foot for 2 hours on a marshy, steep and rocky path until we reach the fascinating Columns of Tangan. These enormous basalt columns were discovered just 3 years ago and seem to have been carved by old civilizations. Archeological research has discovered the presence of the old Sigchilas culture and later on the Incas in the area. The Columns of Tangan is a truly mysterious place – the roaring waterfall, the humid Andean trees, and the sun provide the unique vibe of unexplored jungle. People of the area believe that the waterfall was used by the Inca’s to worship their Gods, and today ancestral healing practices are still performed by the locals. A full day of adventure and mythical energy!

  • This daytrip is best organized starting from either Isinlivi or Sigchos. Ask your accommodation for information and book in advance!
  • The Columns of Tangan are very popular amongst climbers!


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