One of the most rewarding day hikes from Isinlivi. The Cochapamba Hilltop offers a great way to ease into things gradually dealing with altitude at your own pace. The route passes by small adobe mud houses through farmland and you’ll likely meet the friendly Quechua natives & share some of their beautiful surroundings they dearly call home. Pick your spot for lunch with 360 degree views of the Quilotoa crater rim in the distance as well as surrounding dramatic canyons and valleys. On Loma Cochapamba blueberries can be collected between September and December. Ask our staff for a bucket to collect blueberries, you can bring these to our chef who will prepare a delicious dessert for you!

  • This day hike takes between 4 to 5 hours.
  • Ask your accommodation for the hiking instructions.


Discover the best highlights of the Quilotoa Loop!

19 November, 2019

Zumbahua Market

Every Saturday morning there is a colorful indigenous market held in Zumbahua...
19 November, 2019

Saquisili Market

Every Thursday morning there is an impressive indigenous market held in the town of Saquisili...
19 November, 2019

Jacuzzi & Sauna

After a full day of mountain hiking there is nothing better than rest your legs and muscles in a Jacuzzi...